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10 Best Agriculture Hand Tools From Amazon Under Rs. 1000

Get yourself the best agriculture hand tools of all time with these best-selling trowel, pruners, secateurs, and gloves for home gardens Are you in search...
boer goat

African Boer Goat Farming (2020): A Unique Guide

Boer goats were bred by 'Afrikaner' farmers who crossed various European and Indian breeds with breeds raised by Bantu and Khoekhoe people. This goat...
agricultural implements subsidy

Agricultural Implements: Get 40-50% Subsidy By Govt. of India

Agriculture Implements Subsidy distribution program Keeping in view, the contribution of improved agricultural implements in agricultural production.Around 40% to 50% subsidy is provided to farmers...
dbt agriculture bihar, farmer registration, dbt schemes

DBT Agriculture Bihar | Farmer Registration

If you are a farmer then the dbt agriculture portal has been developed by the government to benefit farmers under dbt agriculture department, dbt...
poultry farming in india

Poultry Farming in India: Care And Management

Poultry farming, in general, we think that raising of chicken and this is broadly used as a synonym of poultry in India because when...
goat farming in india

Secrets of Goat Farming In India | Care & Management

goat farming in India is becoming very popular because It is one of the finest & established livestock management departments in the country. Also proven...
DBT challenges and solution

A Guide To DBT (Direct Benefit Transfers) Challenges and Solutions

The worldwide outbreak and National lockdown due to COVID 19 not only affecting financial sectors but also the poor and daily wagers are in...
BSc agriculture jobs

Who Else Wants to make career After BSc Agriculture?

Eligibility, Entrance Exams, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Syllabus 2020-21 Eligibility   The students who wish to pursue this course should have completed his higher secondary with Physics, Chemistry,...
identification of farm animals

7 Methods of Identifying Farm Animals

The seven methods to identify farm animals are Tattooing 2. Tagging 3. Neck chains 4. Branding 5. Ear notching 6. Electronic devices 7. Nose...
mercury pollution

Mercury Pollution In India | Possible solutions

WHAT IS MERCURY POLLUTION As we know that mercury is a very harmful and Toxic substance that contaminated the air, water, land, and most importantly...
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